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Ed’s Exhaust & Automotive in Beaverton & Gresham is your local full-service auto mechanic shop. Stop by today for our friendly service and unparalleled excellence. From tune-ups to major repairs, our mechanics in Beaverton & Gresham can get your vehicle working again and keep it that way.

We Offer

  • 25 Point Inspections

  • Exhaust System Repair

  • Brake Service and Repairs

  • Catalytic Converter Installations

  • CV Joint Repairs

  • Engine Code Scanning

  • Engine Light Repairs

  • Exhaust Installations

  • Filter Replacements

  • Performance/Custom Exhausts

  • Foreign and Domestic Engine Repairs

  • Free Brake Inspections

  • Free Engine Code Scanning

  • Engine Light Diagnoses

  • General Automotive Repairs

  • Joint Repairs

  • Light/Heavy Engine Repairs

  • Cooling System/ Radiator Replacement

  • Oil Changes & Other Fluid Services

  • Oxygen Sensor Replacements

  • Quality Parts

  • Scheduled Maintenance Services

  • Shocks & Strut Replacements

  • Suspension Repairs

  • Tailpipe Installations

  • Tune-Ups

  • Vehicle Inspections / Pre-Purchase inspections

  • X-Pipe Installations

  • Y-Pipe Installations

  • Headlight Service & Replacements

  • Brake Rotor Replacement


If you have experienced a problem with your catalytic converter, it is important that steps are taken to prevent future damage to your catalytic converter. Repairing the original problem will not only protect further damage to your emissions system, but this will help maximize your engines performance and gas mileage.

Shocks & Struts

Contrary to popular belief, not all shocks and struts work the same. Better quality shocks/struts will give your vehicle superior handling and instant road feel that makes driving your vehicle more enjoyable and more importantly safe.

Braking System

With nearly 150 years of brake friction technology, today’s advancements make choosing the right brake parts for your vehicle more important than ever. Each manufacturer chooses a vehicle specific brake system that matches the type of driving conditions, weight load and speeds they feel the vehicle will most likely endure. The brake pads may be Semi-Metallic, Organic or Ceramic grade. Making sure you choose the correct type of brake pad for your vehicle will insure proper braking and maximize the life of your brakes between each service.


If you have ever been called a Gas Miser, CONGRATULATIONS! Like most Oregonians, you might price check several gas stations looking for the best possible price for your next fill up.

As gas prices continue to climb, we must all do our part in choosing gas conservation. With this in mind, one of the most over looked parts on your vehicle for maintaining or improving your gas mileage is the Oxygen Sensor.

The newer your vehicle is, the more critical it is to properly maintain these sensors. Just as most newer vehicles recommend a 100,000 mile service including the timing belt and tune up, the Oxygen Sensors should also be changed at this time. Manufacturers suggest that every 100,000 miles your sensors should be changed to prevent poor voltage levels which can cause your vehicle to over fuel unnecessarily.

When properly maintained, replacing these parts could prevent the destruction of more expensive components such as the Catalytic Converter, EGR Valve and other emission related components.